Yvan Trapp is the son of a peasant. He grew up on the farm and cared for the cows from an early age. After some professional experience in the food sector, landscaping, wwoofing in France and several experiences abroad… he returned to the south-west of France to put permaculture into practice. He has been producing organic vegetables since 2013 and tending the family herd since 2020.

Welcome to his family farm.
It is a small herd of Gascon cows, a rustic breed. This small breeding is made up of a bull and about twenty cows accompanied by their calf. In fine weather, they take advantage of the meadows and the forest and are fed hay produced on site. they do not receive silage.
The farm has been producing meat for over 40 years. Veal meat is more precisely that of young cattle (grazers aged 10 to 12 months). The 50 hectare farm produces wheat, flax, alfalfa, meslin, barley... this allows the cows to be fed and the surplus is sold.
Manure serves as an organic amendment to cereal fields.
All productions come from organic farming.

Sale of meat directly from the farm:
Packages of 3 kg, 5 kg or 10 kg. Chopped steak, escalope, blanquette, rib, roast, shank... your choice.
- Grazed calf (young bovine from 10 to 12 months): every Wednesday: €15,50 / kg
- Cow: 1 to 2 times a year: €14,50 / kg