Prefecture of Haute-Garonne

Master restaurateur

What does the title of Master Restorer represent?

The Title of Maître Restaurateur is the only title issued by the state for French catering. The Maître Restaurateur is a restaurateur by trade with validated professional experience, it is a commitment to cooking made in the company from raw products, mainly fresh, integrating short circuits. It is a title assigned by the prefect after a control audit. It is a voluntary process by the professional which is renewed every 4 years.
The title of Maître Restaurateur guarantees that the entire menu is homemade.

What is homemade?

Homemade is a sign that comes before a dish when this dish is made in the company from raw products. The title of Maître Restaurateur guarantees that the entire menu is homemade from raw products and acquired mainly fresh. 

In either case, the decrees provide for derogations or derogatory products according to three principles:

  • For home-made products that the customer does not expect to see produced by the restaurant owner, such as hams, sausages or cheeses, for example.
  • And products whose manufacture is based on technical or hygienic constraints that make them difficult for each professional, such as basic sauce bases, browns, poultry, fish stock.
  • In addition, for Master Restaurateurs who integrate the notion of raw but also fresh products, products whose supply cannot be done fresh.

How to get the title?

If the restaurateur considers that his establishment corresponds to the specifications, he requests that an audit be carried out by an independent certification body. He then presents his application to the prefecture. After evaluation and control, the title of Maître Restaurateur can then be issued by the State, through the prefect of the department. It is awarded for a period of 4 years.


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What is it ?

With more than 120 products under Signs of Identification of Quality and Origin (SIQO), the former Midi-Pyrénées region is a territory where quality and know-how combine in the service of authenticity and taste. . IGP Sud-Ouest foie gras, Aubrac Label Rouge farm beef, IGP Tarbais bean, Pink garlic from Lautrec IGP, Roquefort AOP, Armagnac AOC, wines from the South-West AOP… it's hard to miss out on a Qualivore!

A follower of “locavorism” and therefore of the consumption of local and quality products, fresh and seasonal, a Qualivore combines taste pleasure and societal considerations. By favoring the fruit of the work of passionate producers, it defends the regional economy, contributes to the maintenance of jobs in the territory and participates in the sustainable development of the entire region.

Buying and consuming food produced within a 200 km radius: this is the primary rule of locavorism in the strict sense. A food philosophy that stands as a protector of regional products. The Qualivore contributes to the development of a so-called "residential" economy, a local economy, where producers, farmers or even winegrowers benefit from economic benefits in return for know-how controlled and recognized by our Quality Identification signs. and Origin.

To be Qualivore is to commit to:  

  • Defend the quality products of Midi-Pyrénées
  • Support the local economy
  • To preserve the environment
  • Indulge yourself by eating better.


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Tables & Inns of France

The national label of Tables & Auberges de France's mission is to enhance and promote, in France and abroad, the know-how of independent professionals who work in a restaurant, hotel restaurant or hotel type traditional excluding integrated chains. The accredited independent professional undertakes to accept the principle of unannounced visits by representatives appointed by the Federation in order to guarantee compliance with this national label and the brand image of Tables & Auberges de France vis-à-vis the Public Authorities. and consumers.

5 good reasons to join Tables & Auberges de France

  • A brand image dedicated to independents that is both recognized and visionary
  • An unrivaled offer, representative of the culinary and hotel heritage made in France.
  • A philosophy of sharing: the hotel industry is a big job ... a big family
  • An atypical group that respects your difference
  • A serious and unwavering commitment to you