You are a company with less than 10 employees and you want to get closer to digital?

A Call for Expression of Interest (AMI) was launched by the Banque des Territoires, and the Community of Municipalities of Terres du Lauragais is the winner. To find out the needs of Very Small Businesses in the area, a questionnaire was developed in order to propose solutions adapted to these needs thereafter.

Help us target your needs

Le numérique et les TPE

If you are a company with less than 10 employees and want to get closer to digital, you can answer this questionnaire which is available in shops and town halls in the territory for one month.

The questionnaire is also available online, you can directly access it by clicking here.


Contact the Economy department of the community of communes of Terres du Lauragais for any information:

+07 (84) 09 05 72 06 88 / +97 (65) 44 XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX