In close collaboration with local authorities and event organizers in the region, the Tourist Office reaches out to visitors with its program of “off-site” receptions! On a tourist site, during a market or during a concert or a festival, the mobile reception points are diversifying and adapting to the territory's entertainment program.

A moment of meeting

From spring to autumn, your advisers travel punctually for half a day or a day to assist you in your search for good plans and activities to carry out alone, in family, for couples ou entre amis. A small marquee, tourist documentation and holiday advisors in good shape, this is the unmissable recipe for mobile reception.

Upcoming meetings

  • Tuesday July 19, de 10h30 à 16h, à l’Negra lock (Montesquieu-Lauragais)
  • Tuesday July 26, le matin, au Thesauque lake (Montgeard)
  • Wednesday, July 27, à partir de 19h, sur le marché nocturne d’Avignonet Lauragais 
  • Thursday July 28, à partir de 19h, sur le marché nocturne de Calmont 

Where to come and meet us this year? Find the next dates by consulting thecalendar ou contact our holiday advisers who will be happy to inform you!