Created in 2016, the Lantabulles festival brings together comic book fans from Lauragais and the Toulouse region every spring, and over the years has won over new curious minds.

A plebiscite from the first year

according to the legend, it is thanks to the presence of two authors from Lanta and a neighboring village that the 1st edition was able to take place. 

Under the benevolence of these two guides, the event was born to meet a need: to offer the 9nd art a place of choice in the Toulouse region, where opportunities for gather bubble and cartoon fans were too rare.
From then on, Lantabulles was able to quickly win over its public, seduced by the closeness that develops with the authors present and the charm of the “D system” of a festival in its infancy.

Since then, the event has grown tremendously. Each year, it brings together a close-knit team of dynamic and creative volunteers to welcome local, national and international authors, which bring to life characters well known to the general public.

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A dynamic team at the helm

A thirty volunteers from Lanta and its surroundings work around the founders of the Lantabulles association to offer an attractive and joyful festival each year.

Preparation for the festival begins in May until D-Day and serves as the common thread for the association until the day of the festival, which takes place in March or April, when the volunteers put their boundless energy at the service of the authors. and their audiences.

Lantabulles animates the city!

For the happiness of young and old, the association completes its action around numerous initiatives aimed at local populations :

  • Comic strip decorations in the village and shops
  • Exhibitions of drawings in various places around Lanta
  • Raising awareness of comics in schools, colleges and high schools

The 2023 edition

They will be there in 2023

  • Delphine BODET: The little mouse and the tooth
  • Pierre BOISSERIE: The Gold of the Belgians, The Berlin Trilogy
  • Guillaume CARAYOL as Lucien
  • Brigitte CARRÈRE: Do with me
  • Southwest desserts
  • Serge CARRERE: Leo Loden, Louis de Funès
  • Didier CRISSE: Gunblast Girls, The Legendary Stories
  • Nicolas DAB'S: The Huns, Nino & Rebecca club
  • Olivier DAUGER: Tuskegee, Ghost, Miss Marple at the Bertam hotel
  • Benoit DELLAC: Nottingham, Hawkmoon
  • Emmanuel DESPUJOL: SideShow, Bordeaux
  • Xavier FOURQUEMIN: Molly, West, Revolutionaries!
  • Christelle GALLAND: Manon des Sources, Jean de Florette
  • GIHEF: Grott and Brott, Mr. Vadim
  • GOROBEI: Bushido, Unicorns
  • Claude GUTH: The Malefices of the Danthrakon, Trolls of Troy
  • JANRY: Le Petit Spirou, Grott and Brott
  • Alain JULIE: The Velomaniacs
  • KRISTOF: The Crocs Gnon Gnon, it's going to sting!
  • Hugues LABIANO: The Lion of Judah, The Star of the Desert
  • Steven LEJEUNE: Poly, In the name of bread
  • Jérôme MAFFRE: The Lion of Judah, The Star of the Desert
  • Marie-Constance MALLARD: The Adventures of Violette Mirgue
  • Frank MARGERIN: Metal Hurlant, Bikers have heart
  • MiKl: Urbex, Louis de Funès
  • Jean-Louis MOURIER: Trolls of Troy, Simple Hearts
  • Marc N'GUESSAN: Ling Ling, Discover the glaciers with Heïdi Sevestre
  • Christian PATY: The meadow behind the church, Les Mantes Religieuses
  • Philippe PELLET: Sheid, The Opal Forests
  • Vinciane SCHLEEF: A nose and taste buds, Ten fingers and pupils
  • Stéphane SENEGAS: Lucien, Anuki
  • Morgann TANCO: Grott and Brott, Mr. Vadim
  • Cloé VIGNERON-DOUMERC: A nose and taste buds, Ten fingers and pupils
  • Bojan Vukic: Sow, Mages
  • Gwenaël MARCÉ (Weissengel): Le Serment de l'Acier, Toulouse and many more to discover on the festival's Facebook...

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