With their logbook, the students carry out the investigation as a team through the alleys of the bastide of Montgeard to unlock all its secrets. All their senses will be put to the test: observation, search for clues, calculation, approach to architectural heritage dating from the golden age of pastel ...

Challenge, concentration and time management are the key words of this rally !


  • 1:30 to 2:00


1 class: 20 to 30 studentsPackage of 115 €
2 classes: 31 to 55 students Package of 230 €

Free for the teaching / support team.

details & conditions

  • From 20 to 55 students
  • Division into several teams: each of them must be supervised by a teacher or a guide throughout the duration of the pedestrian rally
  • From Cycle 2
  • Sanitary facilities and coach parking on site
  • Rates indicated excluding VAT (excluding taxes) unless otherwise stated
  • Read our special conditions of sale

place of departure


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