Put yourself in the shoes of the survivors of a plane crash: you are, with your team, alone in the world on the island of Paradise Island. The goal of this orienteering course is to find the right beacons, which will give you a code so that you can open the trunks containing survival products!

Throughout this adventure around the Thesauque lake, there will be challenges to take up with your employees. And hurry because time is running out!

Duration & location

  • 1 hours
  • Lac de la Thésauque (Nailloux / Montgeard)


Number of personsPrices
12 to 55 people10 € / adult (from 16 years old)

details & conditions

The + of this Activity

Live a scripted experience in teams, and use the talents of each to arrive first!

place of departure


Contact Sylvia
+ 05 62 57 61 66