Each team of " Paradise Island survivors »Must complete the route shown on his map as quickly as possible and in the order indicated. Each step allows students to learn to orient themselves by following a map, to discuss strategic choices and to manage their energy and time. The goal: to collect the numbers of the code that opens a survival trunk. Punctual challenges are to be met by the students to advance in the race.


  • 1:30 to 2:00


1 class: 20 to 30 students Package of 140 €
2 classes: 31 to 55 studentsPackage of 280 €

Free for the teaching / support team.

details & conditions

  • Minimum 20 students / maximum 55 students
  • From Cycle 2
  • Division into a maximum of 7 teams: each of them must be supervised by a teacher or a guide throughout the duration of the orienteering race
  • Sanitary facilities and coach parking on site
  • Rates indicated in TTC (all taxes included) unless otherwise specified
  • Read our special conditions of sale

place of departure


+05 (62)57