For parents, the smell of the forest brings back good times: you always feel good when you breathe the good, pure air, the freshness and that delicious smell of humus. At each step, the dead leaves crackle. These digs are pleasant noises that make us instantly plunge into the memories of our childhood. Moreover, we already want to join the children for a game of hide and seek behind the trees!

Leave room to your imagination!

Elves jump from branch to branch, sprinkling star dust in this magical place. The children run behind each other, imagining themselves as magicians or sorcerer's apprentices. The shade of tall, slender oaks enchants this mysterious forest.

“Let's hide in the cabins !! »A dinosaur attack is brewing, the tension mounts, the excited children crouch under the branches serving as a refuge. 
The parents are discovered, brontosaurs and tyrannosaurus, they rush on the kids who flee in a hubbub of laughter and cries.

Like real trappers

By following the wide path that goes into the woods, children calm down: excitement and play give way to curiosity and observation. The dinosaurs and other goblins stayed behind us.

There, suddenly, she is in front of me: a beautiful animal print perfectly cast in the mud attracts the attention of the whole family. I improvise Jamy in the show "C'est pas sorcier".
Wild boar, deer, badger or unicorn? That is the question ! Using a fingerprint grid found on the internet, it's child's play! We are indeed on the trail of a deer ...

Prepare your nature workshops

Print your fingerprint grid

Make your little elves in the forest

Collect your ingredients on the spot, let your imagination run free, and make your little characters with the means at hand!
A little odds and ends will give the best recipes to awaken the creativity of your children.

Wild orchids and other wonders ...

Orchidées sauvages au Bois Barrat

We continue on the path under the trees. It slopes gently down to a huge clearing. It opens under our feet like a gigantic green carpet. Not a living soul, not a sound. The grass is quite tall and we are surrounded bywild orchids, typical flowers of Lauragais. They bloom in May. Their pink, yellow, green, mauve colors invite us to contemplation. Bees and bumblebees forage and flutter from flower to flower.

The free spectacle that Mother Nature offers us is wonderful.

We continue on our way. The smell of the forest is overwhelming: this good clean air, this freshness and this delicious smell of humus. The dead leaves creak under our every step. As I walk, a thought comes to my mind ...

If everyone has their favorite environments to recharge their batteries, the most powerful of all is certainly Nature.

Pratical information

  • Access is not signposted. Follow the following address on your GPS: Lieu-dit le Pigné 31450 Montesquieu Lauragais
  • Parking on site
  • Put on good shoes
  • Bring a water bottle, a snack, a sun hat if the weather is nice ...
  • 3 picnic tables at the entrance to the woods
  • 2 trails to discover the woods (1 hour or 2 hours to choose from): a map of the woods can be found at the entrance, on the welcome panel. Take a photo of it, this will help you find your way if you want to venture into the woods!
  • Do not pick vegetation, keep your animals on a leash